Portugal, Spain, Russia and Brazil

Portugal, the new millennium. Liza is a young Russian immigrant woman who tries to free her self from her small-time crook Portuguese husband. Educated to accept the matrimony duties and living an unconceivable reality, Liza feels trapped to her bizarre son and a husband she doesn’t love but sheltered her from a past she doesn’t want to return. Things get worst when her husband’s obscure Spanish ex- wife arrive proposing a new business opportunity: forging passports to illegal immigrants. From that moment on, and to Liza’s growing despair, their house becomes a crossing point of desperate people with weird nationalities and different races. With them arrive Andrei, a young Ukrainian doctor who is running away from the Russian mafia. Falling in love with Liza, Andrei becomes her hope for a new life but, has she will find out later, things aren’t going to be that easy…

15th Sofia Internacional Film Festival – WINNER BEST DIRECTOR

Panazorean International Film Festival – WINNER BEST FILM


5º Cineport, Festival de Cinema de Língua Portuguesa – WINNER BEST DIRECTOR XVIII

Caminhos do Cinema Português, Coimbra – WINNER BEST NEW DIRECTOR and BEST ACTOR (Fernando Luís)

Chulpan Khamatova
Fernando Luís
María Barranco
Dinarte Branco
Raul Solnado
Cassiano Carneiro
Mikhail Evlanov
Francisco Maestre
Nikolay Glinskiy
Manuel Custódia

Directed by: João Nuno Pinto
Written by: João Nuno Pinto, Luísa Costa Gomes and Melanie Dimantas
Photography by: Carlos Lopes a.i.p.
Executive Producer: Pandora da Cunha Telles
Music: Mikel Salas
Editor: Luca Alverdi
Art Direction: Wayne dos Santos Stylist: Isabel
Carmona Production: Ukbar Filmes (Portugal) Garage Filmes (Portugal) Tiki Voodoo (Portugal) Morena Filmes (Spain) 2Plan2 (Russia) Dezenove Som e Imagem (Brazil)

Shot in Portugal 2008 Premiered in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2010


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