Dreaming of great adventures and of standing up for his homeland, a young Portuguese man enlists in the army in World War I and is eventually sent to the front line in Mozambique. The year is 1917 and the war unfolds across the African continent away from the eyes of the world.

For the young soldier, is the opportunity to live his dreams of glory, waiting for the day when he will at last take on the Germans.

Sick and delirious from malaria, he is left behind by his platoon, setting out on a gruelling trek across the country, facing the reality of an unknown and cruel world, as he enters the mystic native lands of the Makua.

International Film Festival Rotterdam – OPENING FILM – BIG SCREEN COMPETITION


35 Mostra de Valencià Cinema del Mediterrani – WINNER BEST PHOTOGRAPHY (Adolpho Veloso) AND WINNER BEST ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK (Justin Melland)

Prémios Sophia 2021: Vencedor: Melhor Actor Principal – João Nunes Monteiro
Melhor Actor Secundário – Filipe Duarte (Prémio Póstumo)
Melhor Guarda-Roupa – Lucha D’Orey
Melhor Caracterização e Efeitos Secundários – Mário Gaspar, Nuno Esteves “Blue”, Pedro Vercesi
Melhor Som – Francisco Veloso, Gita Cerveira, Philippe Grivel, Tiago Raposinho Melhor Montagem – Gustavo Giani

Brugas International Film Festival – JURY SPECIAL MENTION

34 Braunschweig International Film Festival – JURY SPECIAL MENTION

OTHER FESTIVALS 2020/21 Split Film Festival (Croacia),  Waterloo Historical Film Festival (Belgica), Luxembourg City Film Festival (Luxemburgo), Gröningen Film Festival (Países Baixos), Bengaluru Film Festival (Índia), Geneva Film Festival (Suíça), Lucca Film Festival (Itália), Scanorama Film Festival (Lituânia), Split Film Festival (Croácia), Tapei International Film Festival (Taiwan), Hainan Film Festival (China), EnergaCAMERIMAGE (Polónia), Afrika Film Festival (Belgica), Art-Kino (Croacia), Elbe Dock (República Checa), American Film Institute (USA), European Union Film, Showcase Groningen Film Festival (Países Baixos), HipTrip Film Festival (Romenia), Kyoto International Film Festival (Japão), Moscow International Film Festival (Russia), Novos Cinemas (Espanha).

João Nunes Monteiro

João Lagarto

Filipe Duarte

Ana Magaia

Josefina Massango

António Nipita

Sebastian Jehkul

Hermelinda Simela

Maria Clotilde

Gigliola Zacara

Gezebel Macovela

Messias João

Alfredo Brito

Miguel Moreira

Miguel Borges


Cesário Monteiro

João Vicente

Manuel João Vieira

Nuno Preto

Mário Mabjaia

Sufaida Moyane

André Dias

Pedro Santos

Valdemar Santos

Ricardo Moura

Miguel Cunha

Dinis Gomes

Directed by: João Nuno Pinto

Written by: Fernanda Polacow and Gonçalo Waddington

Produced by: Paulo Branco

Co-Producer and Executive Producer: Ana Pinhão Moura

Executive Producers: Mário Peixoto and Enrico saraiva

Music by: Justin Melland

Cinematography by: Adolpho Veloso

Film Editing by: Gustavo Giani

Art Direction by: Nuno Mello aka Tigre de Fogo

Costume Design by: Lucha d’Orey

Make-up by: Nuno Esteves

Unit Production Manager Portugal: Sofia Carvalho

Unit Production Manager Mozambique: Capurchande Momade

Production Manager: Ana Pinhão Moura

First Assistant Director: Cesário Monteiro

First Assistant Director Mozambique: Rui Sá Macedo

Second Assistant Director: João Salgado

Third Assistant Director: António Pinhão Botelho

Sound Mixer Mozambique: Gita Cerveira

Boom Operator Mozambique: Vaya Pareemanem

Sound Mixer Portugal: Francisco Veloso

Boom Operator Portugal: David Badalo

Sound Editor: Tiago Raposinho

Foley Recordist: Vladan Nedeljkov and Aleksandra Stojanovic

Recording Mixer: Phillipe Grivel and Matthieu Deniau

First Assistant Camera: Jonás Costa

Second Assistant Camera Mozambique: Custódio Guambe

Second Assistant camera Portugal: Helena Marina

Third Assistant Camera Mozambique: Simione Gamboa

Gaffer: Paulo Silva

Production Assistants: Timóteo Maposse, David Nhanjale, Pedro Ramalhete, Raquel teixeira

“Mosquito is a film that excels in crafting discomfort and uncertainty. Typical of art cinema, it poses many big questions, with few concrete answers. A fierce character study with many important tangents, this ferocious examination of the human condition is a tale of war like none other. “

Nathanial Eker,
UK Film Review

“Fifty-year-old Pinto does an excellent job with Mosquito, and tells an exciting adventure story. Like his examples, Malick and Herzog, he tries to penetrate to the soul of the desperate man, the settler who hopes to find a deeper meaning in derelict, new worlds than in his old life, but who ultimately comes face to face with loneliness, emptiness and despair.”

Gawie Keyser,
De Groene Amsterdammer

“Mosquito has delivered a harrowing account of conflict at its most base and disgusting. But this is not just an anti-war film, it also takes aim at Portugal’s colonial history and at patriarchy itself, viewed here as the framework about which all the violence and evil is built.”

Wendy Ide,
Screen Daily

“Mosquito is a colossal feature film that will allow viewers to leave their confined spaces, to penetrate the spiritual mysteries of this great journey where our hero apprehends the limits of man’s animality. The originality of the narrative is indisputable. (…) The intensity with which the actor inhabits his character gives the work an emotional force rarely seen. Music, photography, locations and the beauty of the images will haunt viewers’ minds for a long time.”

Laurent Cambon,


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